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Volunteers needed


 The APEEE Community Fund needs three volunteers to join the Committee.

What is the APEEE community fund? The purpose of the Fund is to support funding requests from any member of the school community (student, teacher, parent, staff member) - for projects which bring positive benefits to the school. Every language section is welcomed to present such projects.

Examples of previous projects, more info and forms to present projects can be seen on the website http://www.bru4.eu/the-eeb4-community-fund

The Committee meets once a month to discuss and analyse projects.

Applications would be especially welcome from the FR, NL, BG, RO, HR, EE sections - as these are currently not represented. Candidates will be nominated by the APEEE’s Board.

Please send your applications to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Current committee members :

Josie Usher - EN section

Sarah Ironside - EN Section

Christian Drantmann - DE section

Vanessa Vignati - IT section


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