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Issue 15 - Spring 2016


Welcome to the Spring edition of our newsletter! After a short break we are back with updates on the N/P and Secondary Education Councils, details of new projects supported by the Community Fund and various updates on health and safety issues. Why not check out our regular column, "Love Laeken" and find out about what the Dreve Sainte Anne looked like before it became the busy street it is today!

On the services front, remember that the first enrolment phase for transport closes on 31 May 2016. Enrolments for extra-curricular activities will open on 1 June so keep checking the website for details of the activites. You should also have received details about the upcoming Performing Arts Day via email - for those of you who are wondering what Periscolaire involves, this is an excellent opportunity to come and see!

Finally, you should have received detils via email about this year's Somerfesto. The Somerfesto Committee has organised a wide range of exciting activities for kids of all ages to enjoy. Please volunteer to help make it the most successful school party ever! 

Comments? Questions? Contributions? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



The Secondary Education Council was prepared and attended by Section Representatives from the EN, FR and IT sections, as well as the VP Pedagogical Affairs. In the meantime, we are pleased to announce that there are also Section Representatives for the DE and NL sections. 


S6/S7 Options: Next year will be the first class to prepare their Baccalaureate, and students made their option choices. Due to the fact that EEBIV is still a growing school, it will be necessary to ask for several derogations (in order to create a class with fewer than 7 students for an optional course and 5 students for a required course). It will not be possible to offer all courses, which understandably frustrated some students and parents. The School has tried to offer guidance to students in choosing a new orientation, and will support transfer requests if necessary. At the same time, the parents and teachers emphasized that the School must do everything in its power to request additional support from the Central Authorities due to our school’s unique situation.

S4/S5 B Tests: At the request of parents, the School will consider scheduling the B tests before the holidays rather than straight afterward. 

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somerfestoThe organising Committee is very happy to announce that the date for Somerfesto 2015 (our seventh annual party) has been decided by the school. This fun and extraordinary event will be held on :

Saturday 20th June

For those new in school, it is party day for the pupils, the parents, the teachers.  It's a great opportunity to see your child in his/her daily surroundings.  As in previous years, there will be magic shows, bouncy castles, face painting, poney rides, sports activities, a Science Fair and an Art Corner organized by teachers and parents.

Of course, there will be food - the various European Food stands plus the hotdog, candy floss, popcorn stands, ice cream and candy stands...The second hand book stand is a great opportunity to pick up some great reads for the children.  Your child will receive the book donation form at school.

We are also pleased to be able to let you know that Somerfesto 2014 raised 9,174.55 euros. Full details of beneficiaries of all Somerfesto events can be found here

As the school continues to grow – the organisation of Somerfesto becomes a bigger task – and in order to ensure the success of the event – the Committee NEEDS YOUR PARTICIPATION.

Some of the stands/activities this year will be decentralised – including all the Food Stands.  We need volunteers to propose, co-ordinate and be responsible for ensuring their stand has adequate supervision and volunteers.  The committee will ensure that all infrastructures (tables, tents, electricity etc...) are provided.

We would be very happy to have your (parents, pupils, teachers) suggestions/ideas and proposals for stands/activities/games that YOU would like to organise and be responsible for – every support will be given.

We are planning to organise a disco for P5, S1, S2, S3 pupils in the evening of Somerfesto and a Jazz Café will run at the same time for parents. 

If you would like to commit to being involved in the central organisation – the meetings have already started and take place each Tuesday from 12h30 to 14h00.

If you want to be responsible for a stand – (you don't have to attend the meetings J) – we would like to hear from you as early as possible.

We have set up a new email account and hope that many of you will be contacting us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

Please remember: Somerfesto is OUR event.  It can only be as successful as the voluntary input that everyone puts in.  We know that if each parent attending was ready to volunteer one hour of their time everything would run very smoothly.

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pedgroupsThe N/P Education Council was prepared and attended by Section Representatives from the EN, FR and RO sections, as well as the VP and Deputy VP Pedagogical Affairs and the APEEE Working Group Coordinator.  The first part of the meeting was dedicated to Safety and Security in and around the school, as well as access for Nursery School children and parents. The parent representatives encouraged the Directors to continue lobbying the commune to improve road safety on the Drève Ste Anne and the and the Régie des Bâtiments for better access to the Nursery building.

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peacemakerswebSince the end of the Toussaint Holiday, we have Peacemakers. Our job is to make sure that there is no fighting on the school playground. First, we had three practice sessions where we learned how to manage conflicts. We learned that you always have to stay calm, even if that is sometimes hard to do. We also have to be able to work well with others. We use a few tools to help us do this: lists of questions and a sort of thermometer that kids can use to show how they are feeling (photo).

The hardest part is that the kids don’t always take us seriously, and that sometimes we have to make important decisions. We can tell you – it is sometimes hard to solve a problem.

Thomas Depoorter and Rayan Agusevski – P5NE

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