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enrolmentsL'APEEE participe dans les réunions de l'ACI.  Voici quelques nouvelles:

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pedestrianAs ever growing numbers of pupils arrive at school by foot, bike or car, the urgency to improve access via the Dreve Sainte Anne is ever more pressing. Here is an update on the latest developments from the Health and Safety Working Group.

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horticulteursOn 27th April, the City of Brussels organised a final public hearing concerning their proposed new school and housing project on rue des Horticulteurs. 

This project, which foresees a French speaking school of about 700 pupils (nursery and primary) and about 70 social housings, has been controversial since its beginning. The APEEE already participated at the first public hearing which took place in March 2015 and has been following this since.  Opposition from local residents has been strong since the beginning and many amendments have been submitted to the City to demonstrate that the project was not viable and realistic in their view. All interested parties were invited to express their concerns and to enter in to dialogue with the City. At this meeting the City was represented by its échevin de l’urbanisme, their architects, their lawyer as well as the consultants who presented the feasibility and mobility studies.


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meeting gerogieva

Security has been a primary concern for many parents in view of the recent events in our City. Many urgent measures have already been put in place to reinforce security and these have already been communicated to all parents by the School and by the APEEE. Nevertheless, the  APEEE are continuously following up this matter and are in permanent contact and dialogue with the relevant actors, that is the European institutions as well as the Belgian authorities.

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