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  • AdP Réunion d'information - 17 Fevrier

    l'AdP (association des crèches et Garderies) va organiser une réunion d'information avec la présence de Monsieur KIVINEN, le 17/02 de 12:00 à 14:30 au CCAB (AB-0A) Albert Borschette Congress Center (CCAB), Rue Froissart 36, 1040 Brussels

  • Canteen: Enrolments open!

    Enrolments for the canteen for 2014-2015 launched at the beginning of June. As the capacity of the canteen is limited to 300 pupils per sitting, enrolments will be validated on a first come first served basis!

    New for next year: an entry control system by card for pupils in P3 to S5 on level L3 using the semi self-service. Each pupils concerned will be issued with an entry card which will have to be scanned at the entry to the self service area. There will also be regular spot checks by canteen manager.

    Given its success, the salad bar trialled in the semi self-service area for P3 to S5 will be continued next year.

  • Enrolment System FAQs

    Questions about the online enrolment system?

     Read this first!


  • Information sur la politique d'inscription (Mai 2015)

    Il y a eu une série de réunions du CEA et du Groupe de Suivi ces dernières semaines. L'APEE était représentée par Patrick ten Brink.

    Voici ci-dessous certains des points essentiels qui sont ressortis de ces discussions en cours. Vous souhaitez en apprendre plus? Veuillez alors contacter Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. ou les représentants de votre section.

    a) un nouvel examen des statistiques pour les écoles européennes confirme qu'il sera nécessaire d'avoir une cinquième école européenne à Bruxelles à compter de 2016/17.

    b) Les nouvelles demandes d'inscription suggèrent qu'il y aura des besoins significatifs de places supplémentaires pour l'année scolaire 2015/16, mais ces besoins seront satisfaits grâce aux quatre écoles et l'utilisation de Berkendael, qui est est pour le moment lié à Uccle.

    c) Alors que les besoins additionnels à Laeken pourront être globalement satisfaits, il y aura des sureffectifs dans les autres écoles..

    d) Des discussions récentes avec les autorités belges laissent envisager des possibilités prometteuses pour une cinquième école européenne. Plusieurs sites sont en cours d'évaluation. Un scénario de travail est que Berkendael sera entièrement disponible pour 2016/17 et une cinquième école à part entière (qui pourrait être ou ne pas être liée au site de Berkendael) sera prête pour 2019/20, si les travaux se réalisent normalement.

    e) Des discussions importantes doivent avoir lieu pour déterminer quelles sections linguistiques devraient aller dans cette cinquième école, ce qui aura des répercussions sur les quatre autres écoles. Il faut qu'il y ait un débat et une discussion dans les sections linguistiques pour mieux comprendre les attentes et par conséquent que cela serve à la prise de décision.

    f) Une solution plus radicale qui est à l'étude est d'avoir un nouveau "super lycée" qui ne recevrait que les dernières classes du secondaire en provenance de plusieurs écoles. Les discussions sont à un stade très préliminaire et c'est une possibilité parmi d'autres. Compte tenu des objectifs de fournir une éducation de qualité dans leurs propres langues, et de s'assurer que les élèves du secondaire ont accès aux options de leur choix, un large éventail de solutions possibles sont examinées.

    g) Les APEEE des 4 écoles européennes ont uni leurs voix dans la prise de décision sur ce sujet. La Commission européenne, le gouvernement belge et le Secrétariat Général devront aussi s'exprimer. Il sera important d'avoir les commentaires des parents et des sections linguistiques afin que les APEEE représentent la position des écoles dans ces réunions.

  • Laeken – a growing school: what do the numbers say?

    enrolmentsThe demand for places in the European Brussels schools continues to increase, with 1615 new places sought across the four Brussels based schools. 369 of these places were offered at Laeken and currently 275 places offered have been accepted, 74 places were refused, and in 20 cases, parents have yet to reply.

    Who will be joining us? Of the new places in Laeken, almost half (128) are in the French section, 52 in the English section, around 25 in each of the German, Italian and Dutch speaking sections, 14 in  the Romanian and 3 in the Bulgarian sections.  155 of the 278 are in Kindergarten, 88 in primary, and 32 in the secondary.

    Will Laeken face overcrowding?  Not yet.  With the new enrolments, Laeken will continue to grow, reaching an estimated 2,545 places, but still within its capacity.  These numbers may still change over the summer, as there are further responses to places offered, additional notifications from parents that they will move and new enrolment requests come in.

    What does the growth imply? There will be additional challenges for the transport and canteen services, whose staff are currently busy planning on how to address the increased demand and provide a good service. There will also be more demand for periscolaire, which makes it likely that the threshold for more activities will be reached, broadening the scope on offer further.  Note that the APEEE is engaged in the periscolaire and oversees the functioning of the transport and canteen services, so additional input from parents into the APEEE, and the range of associated working groups, will be most welcome. This can take place formally, with parents putting themselves forward for the APEEE board in the general assembly, or by engaging with working groups by contacting the relevant APEEE members.

    How will it affect our children -- will it lead to more pressure on classes or less?  More often than not, there will be more children per class. However, given the class size thresholds, it will also mean that a few additional classes are likely to have be made – for example, an additional FR Kindergarten class is planned to be created for the new school year. Currently several language sections are at the ceiling of pupil numbers, and, pending final numbers, may lead to additional classes. For example, FR P1 is at 90 students and FRP2 at 89. Both may be split into four classes if the threshold of 30 per class is breached, the numbers of students in those classes will be lower easing class crowding. If the threshold is not breached, the classes will be very full, with the silver lining for P2 being that they could then keep their current teachers. The decision will be taken over the summer.

    The growth of pupil numbers in secondary should also make it slightly more likely that options are of offer, as again minimum pupil number thresholds are needed for the options to be offered.

    What does the future look like? The pupil population in Laeken is expected to continue to increase in 2016/2017 and beyond, first due to the S7 pupils in 2016/17 and the growing maturity of the Bulgarian and Romanian language sections, which currently only go to year P4 and P3 respectively, and the Dutch language section only to S5. This will lead the school being at full capacity in the near future. With the other European schools already facing overcrowding, (3398 in EEB I, 3045 in EEB II, and 2984 in EEB III), future demands rises expected across the European schools in Brussels, will need a fifth Brussels school. The discussions are still underway as to where this school will be, when it will be opened, and what language sections it takes. It will be important that those decisions build on reflections from Laeken language sections and any new school could build on our own lessons for developing services in a new and fast growing school. That will be the feature of a next APEEE newsletter article.

  • May 2015 update on enrolment policy

    There have been a series of meetings of the CEA and Groupe de Suivi over the last weeks. The APEEE was represented by Patrick ten Brink.

    Below are some of the key points which have emerged from these ongoing discussions. Interested in hearing more? Please contact Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser. or your section representatives. 

    a) a new look at the statistics for the European schools confirms that there will be a need for a fifth Brussels European school for 2016/17 onwards.

    b) New enrolment demands suggest that there will be significant demands for additional places already in the 2015/16 school year, but this will be met through the existing four schools and use made of Berkendael which for the moment is linked to Uccle.

    c) While the extra demands on Laeken can be managed in broad terms, there will additional overcrowding in other schools.

    d) Recent discussions with the Belgian authorities show promising options for a fifth European school. Different sites are being explored. One working scenario is that Berkendael will be fully available for 2016/17 and a full fifth school (which may or may not be linked to the Berkendael site) will be ready for 2019/20, works permitting.

    e) Big decisions have to be made as to which language sections should go to the fifth school which will have implications across the four existing schools. There needs to be a debate and consultation in the language sections to understand concerns and interests and hence input into the decision.

    f) A more radical solution being explored is whether to have a new “superlycee” that would cater only for the upper secondary from across several school. The discussions on this are at a very early stage and this is but one option of many. Given the objectives of providing quality schooling in own languages, ensuring that students in secondary have access to options of their choice, a wide range of possible solutions are being looked at.

    G) The 4 European school’s APEEE have a combined voice in the decision making on this. The European Commission, Directors of the schools, the Belgian government and the SecGen also each have a voice. It will be important to have regular feedback from parents and language sections to that the APEEEs can represent the position of the schools in these meetings.

  • Question about the online enrolment system? Read this first!

    Trouble with our enrolment system? Read this first!

    I can't change the school year for my child

    There is an error in the system. You do not need to do this. The school year for your child will be updated automatically after the end of the current school year. All the subscription statuses will remain as “Pending” or “Being processed” until then (July). For current M2 children who will enter P1 in September 2016, the cost for transport will also be updated automatically in July. For periscolaire, you should select the class level your child will be in in September 2016!

    How do I pay?

    The details appear in your child's point.be account. Please use the structured communication!

    I have paid the cotisation of 50 euros but I put the wrong communication

    Please email Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.

    There is no need to copy in the transport office, the periscolaire team or the secretariat or any other email address.

    Now I have paid the cotisation how do I unblock access to a transport/ extracurricular activities enrolment?

    It is sufficient to generate the cotisation payment request. Even though the status remains pending, you can proceed to enrol in transport/ extra-curricular activities

    Why is my status pending for a payment I have made?

    It takes some time for us to manually update the system. There is no need to email the office. Payments will be processed and statuses updated in due course. You can enrol in transport/extra-curricular activities.

    Thank you!

  • Steering Committee and Enrolments

    The European Schools Groupe de Suivi or “Steering Committee (composed of representatives from the General Secretariat, the European schools, parents, the Commission, the Belgian Government and the Régie des Bâtiments) and the Central Enrolment Authority (“ACI”) met during October 2015 to discuss infrastructure in the European Schools and to prepare the Guidelines for the Enrolment policy for 2016-2017.  EEB4 was represented at all of these meetings by members of the CA.

    Some key points under discussion:

      • A major issue under discussion at the moment is how to deal with the overcrowding of the Brussels Schools. Proposals include opening Berkendael as an Annex to Uccle.  This also affects our school: our maternelle is already full and with Laeken set to accommodate an Estonian section, space is becoming an issue in all levels of the school. This also impacts on the APEEE run services. The canteen has a maximum capacity and has already had to increase the number of services this year. The site can also only accommodate a fixed number of buses at any one time – another logistical constraint. And periscolaire relies on classrooms and facilities (such as sports halls) being available to accommodate activities. These issues are therefore, all being followed closely.

      • Last year the enrolment policy changed the historical “sibling rule”, where siblings were guaranteed a place in the school of their siblings, to a more limited sibling rule, where the principle was kept in place for secondary students as one group, and for primary and nursery, as a second group.   The rationale for this was to address overcrowding in the three other schools. However, this proved to be a very controversial issue and the Complaints Committee ruled that the full siblings rule should be reinstated, which was welcomed by the APEEEs of all the Brussels schools.


  • Transport Enrolments

    • The 1st enrolment phase for transport for 2014-2015 closed on 31 May 2014 and the transport team is now planning the routes based on the stops that have been requested. Online enrolments are now temporarily blocked
    • Transport requests for 2014 – 2015 will show as 'pending' until the end of June when the second enrolment phase will open. Parents who enrol for transport in the second phase will have to select one of the stops which has already been scheduled
    • Mid-August: routes and timetables will be finalised.
    • Last week of August: Timetables and routes will be visible when you consult your enrolment and/or the APEEE website.
    • The transport office will send parents contact details for the monitor allocated to their child's bus.
  • You have to enrol a child in the European Schools next year…?

    To address the need for more European School places in Brussels without exacerbating overcrowding in some of the existing schools, the Central Enrolment Authority proposal this year included the creation a new school for September 2015. Unlike the existing schools, this new school was to cover just Nursery and Primary cycles and was to be seeded with some classes from September 2015. A decision was expected on December 12th from the Belgian Federal Government on granting the campus for the school but this was not forthcoming. Aware of this situation and after having discussed in its December meeting the details of the proposal (including school composition and longterm planning for its pupils), the Board of Governors decided not to create the new school as proposed at this time. To-date (as this newsletter goes online mid January), the decision, by the Belgian Federal Government, on the campus still has not been taken. A revised enrolment policy and accompanying guidelines for 2015-16 are nevertheless being developed. The Central Enrolment Authority of the European Schools has issued a communiquéon the enrolment situation.  According to this communiqué, "the Berkendael site’s availability is expected to be restricted to the 2015-2016 school year."

    These factors have led to delays in the drawing up of the Enrolment Policy (and accompanying Guidelines) for the school year 2015 – 2016.  As a result, enrolments will not open until mid February. We suggest that you consult the EURSC where further information will be published in the week commencing 26 January 2015.

    The APEEE is following this issue closely and has already participated in 4 meetings on the topic. All relevant information will be published on the APEEE website in due course.

    Looking ahead...

    As Mr Schlabe announced at the APEEE General Assembly, the Board of Governors of the European Schools voted in favour of the creation of an Estonian section at EEB4 on 18 December 2014. This decision would be reflected in the enrolment guidelines for 2016-17 and we expect to be giving a warm welcome to Estonian families in September 2016.

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