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  • Health and Safety WG

    HSWGThe APEEE has set up a Health and Safety Working Group for parents who wish to contribute to developing the APEEE's position on these important topics. The first meeting (announced by class rep email) took place on Monday 28 April 2014.

    On 29 April 2014, the APEEE was represented in a meeting with the Echevin for the Ville de Bruxelles in relation to the mobility plan for the school. Apparently, the Commune is working on a 'Plan d'aménagement' to improve the safety of access via the Drève Saint Anne which will include better signposting for the school and additional pedestrian crossings. In the meantime we would ask all parents who come to school by car to drive with caution and to keep an eye out for pedestrians and cyclists when accessing the car park.

    For further details, or if you wish to get involved in this group, please contact: Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.

  • HSWG - February bulletin

    HSWGThe HSWG is a parent working group led by Christian Drantman (CA) and which is a forum to raise health and safety concerns and to provide input for the Health and Safety Committee organised by the school. Here is an update on some of the issues they have been following.


    Last year, the HSWG worked with the school to put pressure on the Commune to improve the safety of the access routes to the school. The Commune promised to introduce new measures, including additional pedestrian crossings and better signing. This has not yet materialised. A letter has now been sent to the Commune to clarify why they have still taken no action.

    The HSWG is aware that the increased security measures are a controversial issue for many parents.  The increased security measures introduced by the school are not unique to Laeken - all the Institutions are on yellow alert. However, each of the  Brussels European schools is determining its own measures in accordance with the features of their respective sites.  

    To avoid delays in accessing the site, please make sure you have ID and/or request a badge through the school website. If you are dropping off in your car,  please be aware of the pedestrians and cyclists.  A number of parents continue to park across the pavement or even on the pedestrian crossing. Please respect the safety of everyone else, even if your journey takes a little longer.


    These are not the only issues the HSWG is following.  The group covers all topics relating to health, hygiene and safety. If you want to get involved please contact: Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.

  • New local school project: rue des Horticulteurs

    donderbergThere have been rumours for quite some time, rumours that the City of Brussels/Laeken is planning a new school close to our EEB4 school.

    On Friday 13th February 2015, the City finally invited all residents and interested parties to a presentation of this new school project. The aim was to present the project and discuss possible issues with the local population. The City of Brussels was represented by the échevins de l’instruction publique, Mrs Faouzia Hariche, the échevin du logement, Mr Mohamed Ouriaghli, the designated architect office and mobility experts. The échevin de la mobilité, Mrs Els Ampe, could not attend this meeting.

    As presented, the project involves a Nursery and Primary school for about 670 children, as well as 75 social housing units.  It will be located in a ‘green’ zone, initially owned by the Domaine Royal and donated to the City so as to enable the implementation of public and social facilities. This zone lies in between the rue Medori, rue des Horticulteurs and the rue du Mont Saint-Alban. There will be only one main access to the new site which is on rue des Horticulteurs.

    For the APEEE, (represented at the meeting by Christian Drantmann), the predominant concern was to establish if and what kind of impact this new project might have on our school. A main concern was that the traffic flow and traffic congestion might increase. The presentation suggested that the main traffic flow will be directed towards the boulevard de Bockstael and will only have a minimal impact  on the rue de Medori and the Drève Ste-Anne. To that end, the City will create a direct access for cars to the boulevard de Bockstael, coming from the rue des Horticuleurs. And it has also to be noted that the main traffic, generated by this new school, is projected to only take place after 8.00am, as Belgian schools start lessons slightly  later than the EEB4.

    And last but not least, it has to be recalled that this project has not yet been finalised. The City will need to take into consideration the many objections and complaints by the local residents, and it is therefore not clear when this new school will be finalised and opened. The local residents have strongly opposed this projects in its current presentation, and it is most likely that further adjustments will be necessary.

    The APEEE will closely follow up on this new project.


  • Un nouveau projet d’école rue des Horticulteurs !

    donderbergDepuis un certain temps des rumeurs circulaient sur la création d’une nouvelle école communale proche de notre Ecole Européenne (EEB4)

    Le 13 février dernier, la ville a finalement invité tous les résidents ainsi que les personnes intéressées à une presentation en rapport avec ce sujet. Le but était de présenter le projet et de discuter des problèmes que cela pourrait éventuellement poser. La ville de Bruxelles était représentée par l’échevin de l’instruction publique, Mrs Faouzia Hariche, l’échevin du logement, Mr Mohamed Ouriaghli et l’architecte du projet. L’échevin de la mobilité, Mrs Els Ampe, était excuse.

    Le projet qui a été présenté comprend une crèche et une école fondamentale de 670 élèves ainsi que 75 logements sociaux. L’ensemble devrait se situer dans une « zone verte » initialement détenue par le Domaine Royal et rétrocédée à la ville afin de favoriser la creation de services publics à caractère sociaux. Cette zone se situe entre la rue Medori, la rue des Horticulteurs et la rue du Mont Saint Alban. L’accès principal est prévu rue des Horticulteurs.

    Pour l’APEEE, représentée à cette réunion par Mr Christian Drantmann, le souci principal est d’établir aussi clairement que possible le type d’impacts que cette implantation pourrait avoir sur notre Ecole. Par exemple en terme de congestionnement du traffic . La présentation que nous avons reçu suggère que le gros du traffic serait dirigée vers le boulevard de Bockstael et n’aurait qu’un impact minime en ce qui concerne la rue de Medori et laDrève Ste-Anne. La ville a indiqué qu’elle créerait un accès direct pour les voitures dans le boulevard de Bockstael en provenance de la rue des Horticulteurs. De plus ce surrcroit de traffic ne se produirait fort probablement qu’après 08:00 heures car les écoles Belges commencent légèrement plus tard que l’EEB4.

    Enfin, il convient de souligner que cette opération n’en est qu’à l’état de projet et que la ville avant de le finaliser devra prendre en compte les nombreuses objections et remarques des riverains qui se sont déjà fortement opposés à ce projet. Ceci laisse donc de nombreuses incertitudes en suspens, y compris quant à la finalisation de ce projet.

    Il va sans dire que l’APEEE suivra les développements à venir.

  • Update from the HSWG

    It has been a busy few weeks for the Health and Safety Working Group (HSWG).

    School access: As many of you will be aware, the school changed the access policy to the school site immediately after the half-term break. This was to implement the recommendations of a security report received by the school during the holidays which identified serious concerns about the safety of the bus parking area. The HSWG organized an urgent meeting to explain the situation to parents which took place on Thursday 5 June. This was followed up with a meeting attended by Harriet Kirby, Director of the Primary/Nursery on 18 June 2014. The HSWG is continuing to follow this issue and to work with the school to ensure that any further changes are communicated well in advance of the next school year. Constructive feedback from all parents on the new arrangements is always welcome.

    In addition, a group of parents within the HSWG has set up a survey on access to the school. Please take the time to fill it in before July 14 2014.

    In parallel, the school and the APEEE are continuing to work with the Commune which has recently confirmed that it will be implementing proposals to improve the signaling on the Drève Saint Anne.

    In addition to this, we repeat our previous request that parents who come by car pay extreme attention when entering and exiting the car parking facilities. Some parents continue to drive recklessly and without paying attention to the presence of children on the pavements. The safety of our children depends on us all!

    Although the issue of school access has dominated the HSWG agenda recently, the work of the group is much wider. If you are interested in joining, please contact Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.

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