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  • A Minestrone Soup party!

    minestroneToday at school I was drinking soup and soon all the other kids at my table were, too. It was time to go outside and play, but my class stayed in the cantine to drink more soup! Every kid liked it. I even looked at the menu and wrote the name of the soup on my hand: minestrone soup. So my mum could make it at home. It was kind of a minestrone soup party!

    Zella, P4 NE

  • Canteen Open Evening


    On 24 June parents had the possibility to see behind the scenes of our canteen and to ask questions related to all canteen matters.

    The APEEE team was represented by the Canteen-manager, the Chef and the Chef de Salle as well as the Director of the APEEE. A short introductory video was followed by a presentation on the organisational structure, the composition & preparation of the menus and the distribution systems. Other topics included the hygiene standards and changes which will be introduced during the coming school-year.

    Those parents present that evening took the opportunity to ask questions and have them answered before they were guided through the canteen rooms, the kitchen and the storage rooms.

    Next year, more than 1200 students are likely to use the canteen. We would encourage those of you who do have questions about the canteen to take the opportunity to come to information sessions such as this one and to see for yourselves how the service is run.

  • Canteen Open Evening

    Curious about the food served up in the canteen? Or about the catering facilities? Come to the APEEE canteen open evening on 24 June from 18:00 and see for yourselves. Guided tours of the kitchens will be available. More info will be published on the APEEE website in the next few days.

  • Canteen: Enrolments open!

    Enrolments for the canteen for 2014-2015 launched at the beginning of June. As the capacity of the canteen is limited to 300 pupils per sitting, enrolments will be validated on a first come first served basis!

    New for next year: an entry control system by card for pupils in P3 to S5 on level L3 using the semi self-service. Each pupils concerned will be issued with an entry card which will have to be scanned at the entry to the self service area. There will also be regular spot checks by canteen manager.

    Given its success, the salad bar trialled in the semi self-service area for P3 to S5 will be continued next year.

  • Cantine durable

    canteenL’impact de notre alimentation sur l’environnement est énorme.  La restauration collective endosse une part importante de ce poids environnemental. Notre façon de nous nourrir a radicalement changé en 50 ans : moins de pain, moins de légumes, plus de viande et d’aliments préparés industriellement. Les nouveaux modes de production font appel à la culture intensive ou sous serre, aux pesticides, aux engrais chimiques, et de nombreux produits alimentaires sont importés par avion de l’autre bout de la planète. En outre, nous gaspillons démesurément. Cette évolution de nos habitudes alimentaires a un impact sur notre santé, mais aussi sur l’environnement.

    La cantine de l’école européenne de Bruxelles 4 met en place concrètement une cuisine durable avec les avantages d’une qualité bien meilleure!

    Les avantages de l’alimentation durable pour l’environnement sont indéniables. Encourager l’exploitation rationnelle des ressources naturelles, limiter les transports et réduire les déchets constituent des choix écologiques essentiels pour l’avenir de la planète.

    Adopter une attitude « alimentation durable » dans la restauration professionnelle, c’est  aussi diminuer la quantité d’aliments gaspillés.  Nous agissons sur les déchets de préparation en cuisine, la juste quantité dans l’assiette et les restes à table. Les facteurs qui influencent le plus le gaspillage alimentaire sont  liés aux habitudes alimentaires, nous informons et menons des actions aussi sur les bonne pratiques de se nourrir. L’atmosphère et le service  de la salle joue également un rôle dans la réduction du gaspillage.

    L’alimentation durable remet à l’honneur le savoir-faire, les capacités professionnelles des cuisiniers, qui se sentent valorisés et motivés par un projet d’établissement riche en défis :

    • Acheter des fruits et légumes frais et de saison
    • Acheter local, privilégiez les filières courtes
    • Varier les menus et privilégier les fabrications sur place
    • Traquer le gaspillage
    • Privilégier les produits bios
    • Choisir des poissons issus de la pêche durable
    • Pour les produits exotiques, optez pour le commerce équitable
    • Éviter le suremballage, pensez "déchets minimum"

    Promouvoir l’alimentation durable est un axe de travail intéressant dans le cadre d’une certification environnementale, excellente pour l’image de marque de notre école. L’alimentation durable est un atout pour la santé, cet aspect est évidemment central dans les établissements scolaires où les repas doivent contribuer à la de la bonne santé.   

  • Food Adventure 1

    cantineLe cycle des réunions "Se mettre à table" cette année s'est terminé avec un fabuleux et enthousiasmant projet!

    Après moult réflexions et débats sur le manque d'intérêt des enfants à consommer plus généreusement des fruits et légumes, nous,…

    Eric Piettre, Stéphan Fumière, Cyril Jesbac, Christophe Gobelet (Equipe cantine)

    Catherine Daguet,  Tobias Stricker,  Michela Beati ( APEEE CA)

    Gabriela Garcia-Toledo, Veronica Gavriliadis, Joëlle Salmon (parents)

    ...avons décidé d'organiser l'exposition " Food Adventure 1".

  • Food Waste Study - the results are in!

    canteen team

    As part of the process of obtaining the "Sustainable Canteen" accreditation, the Canteen team has carried out a study on food waste at EEB4. The study ran from 8 January 2015 to 1 June 2015 and has already led to changes in working practices in line with the recommendations and training provided by Bruxelles Environnement . The full study will be published on the canteen pages of the website. For an overview of how the canteen managed to reduce waste by a massive 406Kg, see the statistics below.

    gaspillage gaspillage2

  • Se mettre à table - join in!

    As announced in the December newsletter, the canteen has set up a working group with parents. Only 6 parents are involved so far with a maximum of 10 spaces! If you want to join in, please contact Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots spammeurs. Vous devez activer le JavaScript pour la visualiser.

    The first meeting is on Tuesday 27 January from 12:30 to 14:30.

  • Services Update - latest news


    Transport services started on 2 September 2014. 85 new lines had to be created this year. Times may not be identical to last year. We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding.


    Canteen services start in the first week of term (on Thursday 4th September). The new access system is not yet fully operational but will be implemented shortly.

    You should now have received payment requests for the first installment. We thank you in advance for settling invoices promptly.

    Extra-Curricular Activities

    Inscriptions remain open. Confirmations for Maternelle, P 1 and P2 will be sent out during the first week of term. Activities start on Monday 15th September for Maternelle, P 1 and P2 only. Activities for P3, P4, P5, S1, S2, S3, S4, S5 will start on Monday 13 October.


  • Tips for the start of term

    New to the school? Just started in Primary or Secondary? Generally confused about how and whom to contact about what? Here is a basic guide to help you work out who does what!

    Questions about transport/canteen/extra-curricular activities?

    The APEEE runs the buses, the canteen and the extra-curricular activities programme ( 'the services'). If you have an issue with any of these:

            1. First, check our website – there is a lot of information on the services on the dedicated pages which are updated.
            2. Second, check your online enrolment page – this is where you will find details of the status of your enrolments and any payments that are outstanding.
            3. Finally, please only telephone the office if you can't find answers elsewhere – the phones are very busy and our staff also need time to carry on processing applications.

    Questions about the garderie?

    The APEEE does not organise the garderies!

    We have some info on childcare on the APEEE website. If this doesn't help, you will need to contact the OIB!

    Questions about timetables/ teaching arrangements?

    The timetables are organised by the school and the lunch hours/ bus departure times and timings for all activities are determined in relation to the timetable provided by the school to the APEEE. If you have an issue which relates to timetabling or your class arrangements, it is likely that it is the school that is able to help you. Please remember there is also a lot of information available on the school website.

    Another useful source of information is your class representative(s). Don't forget to elect them at your teacher parent meeting! Class reps play a key role in representing parents and in ensuring communication channels flow smoothly throughout the year. Details of the roles and responsibilities of class reps are on the APEEE website.

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