Dear fellow parents and guardians,

We've all had a couple of weeks since the end of term to relax, reflect and review the first year in Laeken. Overall, it was a good one!

The teachers, the directors and indeed all of the school staff are deserving of our thanks for giving our children a smooth integration into our permanent site - despite the regular leaks and the occasional door handle falling off!

So too are the parents association's staff and volunteers who likewise contributed so much this year. We should applaud and build on what has been achieved this year...

Efforts to strengthen our sense of community include improving communication with parents (focused e-mails, surveys and an improved website) and supporting parent initiatives (School Sweatshirts, Eureka!, Secondary Discos and last, but not least, the wonderful multifaceted celebration that was 'Somerfesto'.)
Any further initiatives for the coming year are welcomed!

Dealing with pedagogical issues has involved a greater dialogue with the school management, for example the creation of new working groups - see Pedagogical Affairs for more details. Outside our school we have deepened relations with the other European Schools and intensified our participation in bodies dealing with the sustainable future of our school, especially on Secondary Reform and ongoing efforts to secure the Financing of Our Children's Education.

Finally we have made every effort to ensure an improvement in the services provided: transport, canteen and periscolaire (If you haven't yet seen the wide variety of activities on offer or enrolled, look at the Périscolaire pages.) This is a significant achievement given the challenge of transition to our permanent site and the ever expanding size of the school.
More information on all of this, including the new, online enrolment system for services, can be found on the website.

Your Parents Association is eager to hear from you about how this first year was and how next year could be. Contact Us to let us know.


  • Secondhand textbook fair
  • Sale of English language textbooks by a local supplier
  • Welcome programme for new parents
  • Extraordinary meeting of Interparents on sustainable financing of the European Schools and Secondary Reform proposals
  • Launch of a new Community Fund

(For details and dates of all these initiatives, check out the APEEE website nearer the time)

Meanwhile, a summer challenge for all junior budding artists:
Can you help us jazz up our APEEE website? Give it a make-over!
Wanted: some Google-style alternative APEEE logos for the website. The best designs will be used in rotation and on special days throughout the year. Guidelines and more details can be found here. We can't wait to see what talent there is among the children of our school! So get drawing!

We look forward to seeing you in September after a refreshing summer break with the new and outgoing APEEE presidents working together to ensure a smooth and happy transition.

Wishing you a fabulous summer,

The board of APEEE Bru4 - your parents' association
(your elected group of volunteer fellow mums and dads, working together to make our school a great place for our kids.)