The Nursery Primary Education Council took place on October 13 2016.

There is a student led petition circulating concerning the “9 year rule” (the rule which provides that seconded teachers may only spend 9 years teaching in the European Schools). Parents and other members of the school community may wish to sign here


The parents' association of EEB1 and the School administration of EEB1 have  askedStop à la drogueto help us set up an addiction prevention programme for the students. They have organised a meeting for the parents and there are spaces available. 

Where? Tuesday 10 November 2015 from 7.30 p.m. to  10.00 p.m.
When? in the students' canteen of the European School, Uccle, Van Houtte building.

Obligatory subscription: cliquez ici.

Animator Richard MAILLET (in French)

President of the association Stop à la Drogue

D.U. Drug addiction prevention